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Bathroom deep Cleaning services in Bangalore

Welcome to deep cleaning services in Bangalore the site that sets out to make your life easier by giving you information on how to clean your bathroom easily, effectively and safely.

You'll find information on the best way to clean the various different sections of your bathroom, both with and without commercial products.

To begin, browse our navigation menu to the right. Alternatively, read on to find out how to tackle the first problem in your bathroom: the tiles!

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles

This page will outline how to clean bathroom tiles quickly and easily. (

How to clean bathroom tiles differs from other forms of cleaning be it bathroom or general house cleaning. You can clean almost anything else with water and soap, but you can't use soap on tile since soap scum is among the things you're attempting to clean up.

Threes a few quick things you should to consider when it comes to how to clean bathroom tiles. This page should help you make the right choices and do things as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Quick Information on Tiles

Ceramic tile is simply cooked earthenware, and it varies from affordable clay seen in a lot of bathrooms, showers and flooring surfaces, to custom made artisan tiles employed to enhance top notch kitchens and bathrooms. Due to the fact tiles are usually seen in high-use situations with a lot of heavy steam and water, frequent cleaning is recommended.

Quick Things to Consider

To begin with, you should think about the tiling situation in your bathroom. Initially, take a look at what sort of tile you have - ceramic, porcelain, travertine, and so on. Next, figure out which kind of grout you have - cemented, non-cement, and poly-vinyl blend. Lastly how broad are your grout lines?

How to Clean Bathroom Tiles

There are a number of different approaches for how to clean bathroom tiles. The most common approach is using commercial tile cleaners. These can be very effective on dirty tiles, however you should remember that quite a few tile cleaners are acid based and due to this, their use needs to be restricted.

Avoid Acids Acid can ruin your tile grout beyond repair, particularly if you have broad grout lines. Additionally it is a possibility that acid can harm the tile. When you go with a commercial cleaner, make sure you look at the product tag for tips on how to prevent damage.

Keep in mind too, that acids, it doesn't matter how weak, will etch marbled areas. Natural marble is often used in bathrooms specifically on window sills and shower curbs.

How To Clean Bathroom Tiles With Home Made Products

In case you don't wish to use commercial cleaners, you've got a couple of other alternatives. You are able to mop your tile down and cleanse walls and counters two to three times every week using a gentle solution made from dish washer liquid (the type utilized in a dish washer)

Combine one capful of dish washer fluid for each gallon of warm water. Mop up or remove surplus water and leave to dry.

Buffing using a dried out hand towel will minimize spotting. Done often enough, you will not have to use costly and hazardous commercial cleaners and risk damaging your bathroom.


An even easier option is making your own bathroom tile cleaner with vinegar. Add a single part vinegar to 3 parts of water. You'll be able to put this liquid right into a spray container and clean your bathroom tiles with it. You may clean bathroom windows and mirrors with this solution as well.

This do-it-yourself chemical-free mixture can be so effective that it's utilized as the base of several commercial products. It gets rid of water marks as well as lime scale successfully.

Keep in mind, however, that if you have marble flooring in your house, make sure you avoid spilling any vinegar on marble since vinegar might damage it, due to its acidity. Also, it's possible to damage your grout if you use vinegar, so be careful.


Lastly, to wash your tile grout, your best option is to use a combination of one half cup of cooking soda, one quarter cup of borax, and sufficient drinking water to create a paste.

Distribute the paste, scrub the grouting, wash it off, and allow it to dry. A second hand tooth brush creates an excellent grout scrubber. As soon as the grout is cleaned, you can distribute the paste across the tiles, wipe, rinse off, and allow drying. This will leave you with squeaky clean bathroom tiles!

See bathroom grout cleaning for more information on getting grout clean once you have cleaned your tiles.

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